Cherry Bot

Apr 23 2020

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How I cames from

I will talk about this bot from my story. Things began from was July 2019, I joined PingCAP as an intern. Holy I was a noob of golang and knew nothing about rust that time. The best way learning a language is by practising, I started my first golang project named cherry-picker. As the name shows, this is a tool which helps PingCAP’s engineers cherry pick PRs from master branch to release branch. The project soon ran out of my expectation, we started in TiDB, then expanded to TiKV and PD. I noticed that this bot is such awesome, in the following months, the bot growed quickly, some features were deprecated and some were optimized. Nowadays, the bot is widely used in PingCAP, and we think it’s time to share the bot with you!


Mar 01 2020


Chaos Mesh・Kubernetesのカオス上の舞う

Feb 16 2020


Chaos Meshはカオスエンジニアリングのためのテストツールです。